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Our names are Dave and Caleb Pillar and we are the owners and inspectors for Curb to Crown Inspections LLC. We are a father and son company with years of industry experience. Combined we have over 40 specialized certifications and hundreds of hours of training all related to the home inspection profession. Dave and Caleb are certified professional inspectors through InterNACHI.  All inspections follow InterNACHI's Standards of Practice and we adhere to their Code of Ethics.

Every home is inspected with the same precision we expect for our own family homes. At Curb to Crown Inspections LLC, we believe every day is a new opportunity to learn and challenge ourselves. Continuing education is a major focus for us. We are constantly trying to learn more about all aspects of a home and its components to better serve our clients needs. 


We perform general home inspections, radon testing, mold testing and water testing. Our general home inspection consists of a visual non-invasive check of most of the homes systems and components. Every home inspection is conducted in the same manner to ensure nothing is missed. We also use Home Gauge software during the inspection process, which consists of very detailed check lists. This software makes it much easier to follow a pattern and to ensure that we evaluate everything without missing something.

We use thermal imaging during every home inspection for no extra charge. Many other home inspection companies that use thermal imaging have an additional fee for these services. We believe the use of thermal imaging is something that should be a part of every inspection. Thermal imaging is so beneficial to evaluate the home for poor insulation and air leakage in the building envelope. Knowing this information can help the homeowner make educated decisions on how to upgrade their homes energy efficiency. Thermal imaging is also very capable of finding areas of moisture intrusion that may not be seen by just looking. Moisture intrusion can be the most detrimental thing to a home. With the use of thermal imaging, we can evaluate a home for moisture intrusion with confidence and alert a potential home buyer to these issues.

A home can be a very large investment. Let us help give you the confidence to know that your investment

is worth the time,effort and money that you put into it. 

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